Perseverance the Name of the Game at the Nurburgring

Perseverance was the name of the game at the opening round of the iRacing Nurburgring Endurance Championship on the weekend. The 4 Hour race was the first of 9 rounds this year, featuring 5 incredible classes of racing action. The Rev It Up Racing eSports Team entered three cars across two timeslots, and found some success, despite a challenging race.


Rev It Up Racing eSports Team A
Porsche Cayman GT4

The debut of GT4 at the Nurburgring this year has been highly anticipated, and the opening race lived up to the hype. Jackson Freer (AUS), Thomas Pendergrass (USA) & Keegan Sutton-Baker (AUS) piloted the Porsche GT4, but technical issues and on track dramas would plague the opening half of the race. Pendergrass had an incident with a TCR car on just the second lap, before a connection issue found him in the fence early. After handing the car over to Freer, the GT4 would be hit again, this time by a faster GT3 car misunderstanding the pace of the GT4. It seemed like the race from hell, but a solid stint from Sutton-Baker allowed the team to take advantage of some other teams’ misfortune, to come home an unlikely 6th.

“I still don’t know how we ended up P6,” explained Sutton-Baker, and Jackson Freer echoed his feelings, “Honestly after 2 hours I thought the race couldn’t get any worse… then we somehow ended up in 6th?”


Rev It Up Racing eSports Team B
Mazda MX5

Jeremiah Morton (AUS) was eager to start the season off on the right foot, but when his teammate had internet issues just before the race start, Morton was called to do the entire 4 hour race solo. He was up to the task, but technical issues would plague this car as well – as a broken brake pedal would cause Morton to be in the wall in the early stages of the race. After making an extra stop to repair the damage, Morton got back out on track and stormed through the field, to claim a fantastic 2nd position!

“It’s annoying,” Morton explained, “because we probably would have won the race if not for the pedal issue.”


Rev It Up Racing eSports Team C
Porsche Cayman GT4

Jack Godden (UK) was set to race the second timeslot, but after issues for his teammates he was required to do the race solo. Issues through the middle phase of the race caused a DNF for the second Rev It Up Racing eSports Team GT4.


Rev It Up Racing eSports Team A – GT4 – 6th
Rev It Up Racing eSports Team B – MX5 – 2nd
Rev It Up Racing eSports Team C – GT4 – 10th

The team now prepares for the second round of the championship, on Sunday April 12th.

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