Disaster as Freer & Morton Collide in Interlagos

Drivers from the Rev It Up Racing eSports Team are competing in the Online IMSA SportsCar Championship this season, in order to enjoy some solo racing while Endurance Racing is on a break.

Round 1 got underway at Interlagos, Brazil, and everything was looking towards a solid opening round, until disaster struck…


With less than 2 minutes remaining in the race, Jackson Freer (GTE) was catching Jeremiah Morton (GT3) while battling with another GTE car. The trio found themselves 3 wide going down the front straight, when they interlocked wheels, causing a major accident – with Morton in the wall, and Freer going right over the top of him before landing back on his wheels.

The incident took Freer out of the race, while Morton was able to limp home for 7th.


Full Race Results:

[Top Split]

1. Daniel Pasztor
2. Enar Mariinsky
3. Jon Piesnik
4. Pablo Vicente
5. Alexis Bebert
6. Darryn Lobb
7. Robert Spiesse
8. Rene Jean-Charles
9. Fabio Ruhl
10. Manuel Lange
11. Florian von Grabowski
12. Chris Barns
13. Jose manuel Casado Gil
14. Joe Halton
15. C Rm
16. Jackson Freer
17. Pierre Irby
18. Loic Guerin
19. Daniel Benefield
20. Rhys Saunders
21. Michael Thomas
22. Adrien Liechti

1. Martin Christensen
2. Clint Smith (CS eSports)
3. Alessandro Dalledonne
4. Yuki Furuya
5. Michele Sangali
6. Gabriele Rizzo
7. Jeremiah Morton
8. Osmar Schultz
9. Erik Hanoy
10. Francesco Urrata
11. Andrew Jung




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